I have never yielded to reality.

To live is to be haunted.

It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.

The Award

The Philip K. Dick Award is presented annually with the support of the Philip K. Dick Trust for distinguished science fiction published in paperback original form in the United States.  The award is sponsored by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society and the award ceremony is sponsored by the Northwest Science Fiction Society.  Last year’s winner was THE BOOK OF THE UNNAMED MIDWIFE by Meg Elison (Sybaritic Press) with a special citation to ELYSIUM by Jennifer Marie Brissett (Aqueduct Press). The current judges are Eric James Fullilove, James C. Glass, David Higgins, Lisa Mason (chair), and Jack Skillingstead.

First prize and any special citations will be announced on Friday, March 25, 2016 at Norwescon 39 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Seattle Airport, SeaTac, Washington. All six nominees will be in attendance.

Listen to the 2016 nominees talk about the award, Philip K. Dick, and writing in this podcast. Scroll down to win signed copies of this year’s nominated works!

The Nominees

Marguerite Reed

Marguerite Reed

Marguerite Reed enjoys a good fight. She battled for reproductive freedom for over a decade in one of the nation’s highest-profile abortion clinics and now continues that campaign as a sometime activist and public speaker. When she isn’t writing or campaigning, she enjoys lifting weights and wearing armor. She lives just east of the 100th meridian with her husband and children. ARCHANGEL is her first novel.

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PJ Manney

PJ Manney

PJ Manney is a former chairperson of Humanity+, helping rebrand the organization, launch H+ Magazine and organize the first multi-org conference on futurist topics, Convergence ’08. She authored “Why I Believe in Participating in the H+ Future” and “Empathy in the Time of Technology: How Storytelling is the Key to Empathy,” an early work on the neuropsychology of empathy and media. She has presented her ideas to groups like the Producers and Directors Guilds of America, NASA-JPL, The H+ Summit and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies and is a frequent guest on podcasts including FastForward Radio.

Manney graduated from Wesleyan University double majoring in Film and American Studies. She has worked for over 25 years in the communications field: motion picture public relations at Walt Disney/Touchstone Pictures; story development for independent film production companies; and writing as Patricia Manney for the critically acclaimed TV shows Hercules — The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess. She also co-founded Uncharted Entertainment, writing and/or creating many pilot scripts for television networks, including CBS, Fox, UPN, Discovery, ABC Family and Comedy Central.

Manney has just published her first novel, the near-future techno-thriller, (R)EVOLUTION with 47North/Amazon Publishing and writing the sequel, (ID)ENTITY. She lives with her husband and two children in Los Angeles, California.

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Adam Rakunas

Adam Rakunas

Adam Rakunas was born, raised, and educated in Southern California. He now lives in the Pacific Northwest. These things are related.

After working as a video game programmer, a theater usher, an IT consultant, a parking lot attendant, a virtual world developer, and a triathlon race director, Adam now splits his time between being a stay-at-home parent and a science fiction writer. Windswept is his first novel.

Adam really likes tacos.

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Ramez Naam

Ramez Naam

Ramez Naam was born in Cairo, Egypt, and came to the US at the age of 3.  He’s a computer scientist, futurist, angel investor, and award-winning author.

Ramez spent 13 years at Microsoft, where he led teams developing early versions of Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, and the Bing search engine.  His career has focused on bringing advanced collaboration, communication, and information retrieval capabilities to roughly one billion people around the world, and took him to the role of Partner and Director of Program Management within Microsoft, with deep experience leading teams working on cutting edge technologies such as machine learning, search, massive scale services, and artificial intelligence.

Between stints at Microsoft, Ramez founded and ran Apex NanoTechnologies, the world’s first company devoted entirely to software tools to accelerate molecular design.  He holds 19 patents related to search engines, information retrieval, web browsing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Ramez is also the award-winning author of five books:

Nexus, Crux, and Apex (fiction). This trilogy of philosophical science fiction thrillers look at the impact of an increasingly plausible technology that could link human minds, and the impact such a technology could have on society and on the human condition, for both good and ill.  Along the way, issues of civil liberties, surveillance, Buddhist conceptions of mind, and responsibilities of scientists to society are explored.  Nexus was optioned for a film by Paramount pictures and director Darren Aronofsky (The Black Swan). The books have won the Prometheus Award, the Endeavour Award, been listed as a Best Novel of the Year by NPR, and have been shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke and Philip K. Dick awards.

The Infinite Resource: The Power of Ideas on a Finite Planet (non-fiction), which looks at the environmental and natural resource challenges of climate change, energy, water, and food, and charts a course to meet those challenges by investing in the scientific and technological innovation needed to overcome them, and by changing our policies to encourage both conservation and critical innovations.

More Than Human: Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement (non-fiction), which looks at the science of enhancing the human mind, body, and lifespan, and the effects that will have on society. Ramez was awarded the H.G. Wells Award for his work on More Than Human.

Ramez lectures on energy, environment, and innovation at Singularity University. He invests in innovative energy startups. He’s spoken to audiences on four continents, from Illinois to Istanbul and from corporate boardrooms to Harvard University.  He’s appeared on Sunday morning MSNBC, repeatedly on Yahoo! Finance, on China Cable Television, on BigThink, and Reuters.fm.  His work has appeared in, or been reviewed by, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic, Slate, Business Week, Business Insider, Discover, Popular Science, Wired, and Scientific American.   He’s a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy at Aurora Illinois.

In his leisure, Ramez has climbed mountains, descended into icy crevasses, chased sharks through their native domain, backpacked through remote corners of China, and ridden his bicycle down hundreds of miles of the Vietnam coast. He lives in Seattle, where he writes and speaks full time.

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Douglas Lain

Douglas Lain

Douglas Lain is the publisher of Zero Books, a novelist, a blogger, and a podcaster. His first novel, entitled Billy Moon tells the story of Christopher Robin Milne’s fictional involvement with the French general strike in May of 1968, and was released from Tor Books on August 27th of 2013. His second book entitled After the Saucers Landed is about a Fluxus artist and Ufologist who sinks into a deep depression after the aliens arrive on schedule.

Lain’s first podcast entitled Diet Soap ran for over five years.

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Brenda Cooper

Brenda Cooper

Brenda Cooper is the author of eight science fiction and fantasy books. Her most recent novel is Edge of Dark (Pyr, 2015).  Also releasing this year is a short fantasy collection, Beyond the Waterfall Door (self-published via Kickstarter, 2015), and a science fiction collection, Cracking the Sky (Fairwood Press, 2015).  Her other works include The Creative Fire (Pyr, 2012) and The Diamond Deep (Pyr, 2013) as well as the Silver Ship and the Sea series (Tor Books) and Building Harlequin’s Moon, with Larry Niven (Tor, 2005).  Her most recent short fiction includes Elephant Angels (Heiroglyph, 2014) and Biology at the End of the World (Asimov’s, August 2015).

Brenda blogs frequently on environmental and futurist topics, and her non-fiction has appeared in Slate and Crosscut.

Winner of the 2007 Endeavor Award for a distinguished science fiction or fantasy book written by a Pacific Northwest author or authors Brenda lives in Bellevue, Washington with her wife and three dogs.

Brenda also serves as the Chief Information Officer for the City of Kirkland, which is a Seattle suburb.

Brenda was educated at California State University, Fullerton, where she earned a BA in Management Information Systems.

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The Podcast

This year’s nominees decided to record a conversation about the PKD award, their own novels, the science fiction genre, and Philip K. Dick himself. You can listen here. Thanks to Douglas Lain for producing, editing, and bit-wrangling.

The Giveaway Contest

The giveaway contest is now closed. We will choose six winners by random at the Philip K. Dick Awards reception at Norwescon on 25 March 2016. Thank you for entering!